Purchase and Sale of used oak barrels and sale and manufacture of new oak barrels

  OAK BarreLS

Sale of used oak barrels

American and French oak barrels of different sizes and years, which currently contain different types of wines with D.O. Jerez-Xérès-Sherry (Fino, Amontillado, Pedro Ximénez, Oloroso, Palo Cortado, Cream Sherry) or D.O. Chamomile, red wine, orange wine, muscatel and spirits such as brandy, whiskey or rum. We work internationally with rum and whiskey distilleries from European, American and Asian countries, also working with the vast majority of Spanish wineries.

We develop our work advising and offering all our clients the type of barrel that they need. We are the Spanish company par excellence most recognized and valued in this type of market, since we have direct contact with all Spanish wineries in addition to international ones.

Barrels of different sizes

Within our catalog of used oak barrels, we have different sizes (225l, 250l, 500l, etc.). Ask us any type of measure you need.

  • barricas de roble usadas de 225l

    Used 225L oak barrels

  • barricas de roble usadas 250l

    Used 250L oak barrels

  • barricas de roble de 500l

    Used 500L oak barrels

Sale and manufacture of new oak barrels.
All kinds of measures

We manufacture new oak barrels in all types of measures, from 4l barrels to 500l barrels. When making a quality wine, the contribution of the barrels during their aging is decisive, which is why the correct manufacture of the barrel is vital for it to fulfill its mission. In Spanish Barrels we have the tools, material and experience necessary to make a proper barrel construction, and with a guarantee of success in its mission.

  • barricas de roble de 500l

    500L oak barrels

  • barrica roble 300l

    225l oak barrels

  • barricas de roble nuevas de 128l

    128l oak barrels

  • barril de roble de 64l con pie alto copero

    64l oak barrel

  • barril de roble de 32l con pie alto copero

    32l oak barrel

  • barril de roble 16l con pie alto copero

    16l oak barrel

  • barril de roble 8l con pie alto copero

    8l oak barrel

  • barril roble 4l con pie alto copero

    4l oak barrel

Purchase of used American or French oak barrels

If you want to sell used oak barrels because you need to replace the ones you have or because of lack of use, do not hesitate to contact us.

Purchase and sale of used barrels and manufacture of barrels

If you are looking to buy oak barrels, whether used or newly manufactured, or if you want to sell your used barrels, do not hesitate to contact us


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